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Deliver consistent experience to drive performance excellence

Apprentice Assured® is an accreditation programme that assures the apprenticeship is consistently delivered at a high quality and drives performance excellence. It uses a robust and outcome-based framework that reflects our extensive research and experience in assessing and assuring learning, training and talent development in several companies, colleges and universities over the past 10 years. 

The Apprentice Assured® Framework consists of six categories as shown below:

Apprentice Assured Framework ®

The Framework is applicable to STEM and non-STEM based sectors and is intended to provide the basis for continuous improvement in the overall quality of the apprenticeship experience and as such it seeks to demonstrate the following:
  • Constructive alignment that brings together the knowledge and the practical engagement with personal attributes and professional behaviours for the apprentice
  • Stronger collaboration between providers and employers that supports co-creation of programmes and opportunities for improvement and growth
  • Improved consistency in the apprentice’s learning experience within a sector (an area that aligns directly with the criteria for the common inspection framework)
  • Enhanced innovation capability across the apprenticeship partnership (apprentice, provider and employer)
When Apprentice Assured status has been achieved, your organisation and its network of employers will be able to display the Apprentice Assured kite mark, which will be valid for a period of three years and will be supported by an on-going relationship with the STEM Foundation.
As a recognised Apprentice Assured organisation (learning provider and employer), your apprentices and stakeholders will be assured of your thriving capacity to deliver quality apprenticeship experience, which meets their needs and expectations.


  • The value and impact of the apprenticeship programme is visibly demonstrated through this accreditation to both the training provider and the associated network of employers
  • Independently benchmarks and validates the quality of the apprentice’s experience
  • Assures the consistency in the quality of delivery of apprenticeships
  • Recognises development of professional skills and personal attributes of the apprentice
  • Promotes the articulation of innovation and transferable skills with apprenticeships
  • Validates that the apprenticeship is designed to provide wider industry exposure and customer insights.


The Apprentice Assured accreditation process follows the following four key stages:
1. Explore and Inform session
Conducted by the STEM Foundation, there is an initial session with the lead organisation who are applying for the Apprentice Assured to fully explain the accreditation process and highlight the expectations of both sides.
2. Completion of Self-Assessment Form
This is to be completed by the lead organisation applying for the Apprentice Assured status.
3. Validation Visit by STEM Foundation
We will conduct interviews with a sample of different individuals drawn from the Lead Provider with its network of employers that have responsibility for the design and delivery for the apprenticeship programme. The STEM Foundation will also conduct interviews with a sample of Apprentices.
4. Independent External Validation Panel Assessment & Report
An independent validation panel will conduct the final benchmarking and provide further input to the accreditation. The STEM Foundation will then produce a final report with all the feedback designed to support the continuous enhancement of the Apprenticeship Programme.

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